Developmental Academy 

Make a Difference

Would you like to make a difference in a child's life by sponsoring a student for the BraveHeart Developmental Training Academy? There are many families who would like to attend BraveHeart but due to financial hardship, cannot afford the cost of the tuition.

Sponsor a boy/s 1 year or 3 year scholarship.

By sponsoring a young man for a one or two-year scholarship, literally can be a part of his teaching, training, and transformation. To inquire more, please use our contact form here. Or use the sponsorship form below!

Goal:100 Boys Lives Developed in 2019

Monthly Tuition:$69.00

Yearly Tuition: $828.00

BraveHeart University 


Without givers like you, our training can’t have an impact or influence in our community. With your support, we able to start the very first boys BraveHeart Developmental University.Help us make this much needed vision possible so we can build healthy fathers, husbands, and career leaders after God's heart. 

Together, we can make a difference.Because we’re a tax-exempt nonprofit, you also get to write this donation off on your taxes. 

Goal: $500,000

Impact: Development of 2,000 Boys a year.


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