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​Performance training is geared towards mental strength, flexibility, explosion, and reaction for an athlete’s sport of choice. We aim to channel the attitude and aggressive yet humble spirited character in our Bravehearts. 



Specialized skills basketball training focusing on increased skill development (ball-handling, shooting, and defense) while also enhancing essential basketball decisions.



​We aim to inspire a healthy eating lifestyle that prepares them to make good decisions on their own about the foods they want to eat. That's not to say they'll suddenly want a salad instead of french fries, but the mealtime habits you help create now can lead to a lifetime of healthier choices.


  • BraveHeart training Shirt 

  • Growth development track 

  • Scrimmage weekly 

  • Skills training and Heart Shepherding 



Identification: Identity Assignment
Our Couches specializes in identifying each youth’s individual needs internally and externally to exhibit their unique potential. We look to instill assertive and aggressive cognition tools while purging the passivity hindering them from walking boldly in their potential and purpose.


Embrace: 5A's Model
We embrace and express Christ-like love as mentors so that walls of insecurity, undetected pain, and broken self moratoriums can be dismantled towards healthy edification.

We Cultivate Relationships and Initiate Correction effectively by implementing the 5As model:
- Affirmation                 - Approval              -Acceptance
- Association                    - ​Accountability 


We place a high emphasis on the importance of cultivating positive emotions as one path toward sustaining well-being, resilience to stressors, and salutary physical health outcomes. 


“We need to help our sons be emotionally expressive, curious, kind, caring and compassionate." “But we also need to make sure they are safe on the playground and not open to bullying and taunting. You don’t want to send your son into the lion’s den unprepared”. (Englar-Carlson)

Equipping: Shepherding Hearts and instilling self-defense techniques

We equip our young men by affirming them in self-defense techniques while shepherding their hearts to fulfilling their God-given potential in education, character building, and leadership. 

We are here to serve them and teach them to serve others. There are weekly activities designed to help them grow mentally, physically and spiritually which will open them up to more opportunities and a better future.

Serving the Family
We are committed not only to the sons but, also to the family and single parent as an extension of education and encouragement. 

 We do all of this while ministering to the heart of all who are affected by the lack of a father-figure presence in their lives.


Humility- Respect in the inherent worth and dignity of all persons – as we are all made in the likeness of Him who created us. 
James 4:6


Excellence- Honor and glorify God in all we do. 
Col 3:23-24


Integrity- Demonstrate Christ-like character, both privately and publicly.
Prov 28:18


Stewardship- Resourcefully and generously invest our talents. 
Mat 25:14-30

Teamwork- Express our unity in Christ in all our relationships. 
Phil 2:1-4


Serving- Model Jesus’ example of serving. 
John 13:1-17


Commitment Offer fully-invested dedication to our purpose in thought, word, and deed. 
2 Timothy 4:7



Tel: (682) 220-9592    Email: braveheartconnect@gmail.com

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