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After-School Programs

Our after-school programs run Monday-Friday until 6 pm. We focus on academics, character, conduct and communicating the Gospel of the Fathers Love through Christ.

Fathers Heart 

Foundation Program


Kinder-2nd Grade

  • Discuss character, conduct,communication and academic standing with mom and teachers.

  • Have mother and potential BraveHeart go through an application and interview process.

  • Connect with student’s principal and teachers at local elementary schools.

  • Each student will participate in our BraveHeart Program from 3-6pm on required days to focus on building a strong foundation of literacy in a trusted environment.

Young Lion 

Equipping Program

3rd-6th Grade

  • Pair each child with a Christ-Centered mentor who will embrace each BraveHeart with care and trustworthy rapport. We build a relational foundation of trust and love by spending time and investing in our BraveHearts 

  • Each student will participate in our Equipping Program from 3-6pm in our Equipping Program on scheduled days to focus on equipping our young men with the tools needed to fulfill their God-given potential in character building, conduct, education and communication. 

Young Men Lead

Development Program

7-8th Grade

  • Young Men Lead continues our BraveHeart boys on a building framework relationship based on trust and unconditional love.

  • Each student will participate in our Development Program from on scheduled days to focus on helping the transition from youthfulness into adulthood by guiding them through adolescence with a focus on The Fathers Love.  

Mastery Mentoring


9-12th Grade

  • Our BraveHeart youth continue learning Mastery program validates, affirm and test the preparation of our BraveHeart boys for the future.

  • We love for our Forerunners to participate in positive activities such as youth groups, positive outings and activities etc.

  • Our mentors focuses heavily to ensure that our BraveHeart Boys thrive and are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared when the graduate from high school. 


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