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Our School

Braveheart Christian Academy is a five day educational program where we partner with parents in educating their children with a kingdom perspective in mind.

All teachings are based on the Holy Bible and the beliefs of Believers Connection Church.  

Braveheart Christian Academy

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Braveheart Christian Academy! 

We have designed a five day per week educational program that focuses on the mastery of arithmetic, phonics, reading, and writing for students in traditional grade levels of PK - 5.

As students master the foundational building blocks of learning, students soar into more advanced concepts years ahead of traditional grade levels.

Hands on activities are a key component of our learning model, allowing kinesthetic learning to be optimized and propelled.

Biblical foundations of God's truth taught through biblical catechisms teach God's word and character building. Students memorize bible scriptures to reinforce biblical principles and precepts.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Chrystal Bernard

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Mission & Uniqueness

Our mission is to equip students to excel academically and in biblical character so that Jesus Christ is glorified in our families, church and communities.


The following statements highlight BCA's uniqueness:

1. BCA is committed to developing a solid Christian Worldview. 

2. BCA is committed to Mastery Learning. Students are not socially promoted to the next grade level. Instead, students must master the curriculum to move ahead.​​

3. Every child is a distinct individual. As a result, our philosophy of education is also individualized. Following placement testing, each student is prescribed an individual curriculum.

Our belief's align with those of Believers Connection Church.

Braveheart Characteristics & Values

  • Character Building

  • Mastery Approach

  • Hands On Learning

  • Individualized Philosophy of Education 

Faculty & Staff


Chrystal Bernard

Head of School


Ps Joshua Bernard

Pastor & Chapel Teacher


Jaleeia Luckey


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